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At This Restaurant, You Can Order A Food Waste Dumpling

At a popular dumpling shop in Manhattan, the newest dumpling on the menu is made with food waste.
Mimi Cheng's, a restaurant with locations in the East Village and Nolita, is known for pork and chicken dumplings based on family recipes. But a limited-edition offering served in February will be made with scraps that would normally be composted.

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Two Premiere Manhattan Restaurants Debut Impossible Foods' Plant-Based Burger

The Impossible Burger will debut this week on the menus of two award-winning restaurants in City. Starting tomorrow, Saxon + Parole will serve the plant-based burger during dinner service and weekend brunch. This American-style bistro, a popular brunch destination, also has a well-known cocktail bar. The Impossible Burger will be offered in a decadent set-up topped with both a mushroom sauce and a truffle sauce, Sherry-braised onions, oyster mushrooms, and the traditional lettuce, tomato, and onion condiments served alongside an order of classic Saxon + Parole fries.

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Immigration protests may leave NYC restaurants short-handed

"Immigration protests may leave NYC restaurants short-handed “A day without immigrants” reads a flyer in Spanish that has been widely distributed. It goes on: “Dear President, without our support this country will be paralyzed.”
The workers and many employers who support them, including celebrity chef Tom Colicchio and the owners of Blue Ribbon in , are voicing their anger over anti-immigrant rhetoric during the election campaign and since the Jan. 20 inauguration of President Trump.
“We support our people and want them to be heard,” said Doug Griebel, chairman of Rosa Mexicano, a chain of more than 15 eateries. “It’s a tough situation because we also want enough staff in our restaurants.”"

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restaurant subtly reminds customers immigrants likely made their meal

" restaurant subtly reminds customers immigrants likely made their meal. A restaurant in Brooklyn, is weighing into the political debate surrounding immigration with new messaging on its customer receipts.
Kiwiana, in Brooklyn’s Park Slope, is run by former Top Chef Contestant Mark Simmons. But the restaurant isn’t just serving up dishes inspired by Simmons’ native New Zealand. Now, when customers pay their tab, they're also getting a gentle reminder about whose really in the kitchen."

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Restaurant openings in NYC: Atlantic Social

Atlantic Social, opening Feb. 19: The new spot from Three Kings Restaurant Group -- that's David Massoni, John Bush and chef Dale Talde -- will occupy 673 Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn, the former Tony Roma's space across from the Barclays Center. The restaurant will boast a 50-seat bar, 130-seat dining room and wide-ranging menu spanning from new American to house-made seasonal pasta to pan-style pizza (also found at their Manhattan spot, Massoni). There will also be some Talde classics, including General Tso's chicken wings. Befitting its arena adjacent location, there will also be 16 flat-screen televisions and video games including Buckhunter, NBA Jam and Golden Tee Golf. For more info, visit

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Plain View Diner Restaurant

"A Visit to New McDonald's McCafe in City (MCD, SBUX).If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. At least that seems to be the mantra for McDonald Corporation's (MCD) new restaurant in Manhattan in City. It is unlike other locations owned by the chain. With an interior designed by a prolific French architect, the restaurant eschews the strictly functional aesthetic seen at the majority of other McDonald's locations. Instead, the remodeled space has elevated seating and comfortable booths done up in muted colors, open spaces to move around, touch-screen kiosks that streamline the ordering process and servers buzzing around with loaded trays. "

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Humble Magic in Georgian Capital’s Restaurant Renaissance

Humble Magic in Georgian Capital’s Restaurant Renaissance.When the chef Meriko Gubeladze opened Shavi Lomi, she recalled that Tbilisi was “starving for small, homey restaurants with good food.” That was 2011, and the quality of Georgian cuisine — known for its lavish use of spices and aromatic herbs influenced by travelers along the Silk Road — wasn’t the problem, but the uninviting establishments and menu selections — hangovers from the cookie-cutter days of the Soviet era — were. Artery-clogging khachapuri, the cheesy bread often likened to pizza, still tempted. But at every meal? How often could a person eat walnut-paste-stuffed vegetables and a lamb stew called chakapuli, a favorite dish of Stalin. Four years after Shavi Lomi updated these seasonal family recipes, serving them in a cozy atmosphere, other restaurants soon followed suit.

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“Salt Bae” Is Opening Restaurants In And London

Turkish restaurant owner Nusret Gökçe wants to “communicate with people through meat.”
Nusret Gökçe, the Turkish restaurant owner dubbed "Salt Bae" by fans, including Rihanna, says he plans to open restaurants in and London. Gökçe blew up online after footage of him carving meat and flamboyantly sprinkling salt on top went viral earlier this month.
Away from the internet the chef is a co-partner of the global Nusr-et chain of grill houses. He spoke to Turkey's Hürriyet Daily News and informed them of his plans for the future, saying that restaurants in the U.S. and U.K. were next on the agenda for his company. Gökçe did qualify that he doesn't speak any foreign languages but that he is able to "communicate with people through meat."
Elsewhere in the interview Gökçe provided some background on his life. He said he became a butcher at 14 when his parents could not afford to send him to school and explained where his signature sprinkling technique comes from. "That move at the end [salting] came automatically," he said. "I did not do that to show off. It is just my signature. You can think of it a kind of final touch for a painting. It was a final touch to the meat; I was blessing the meat."

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A Dumpling Master is Now Cooking at a New Soho Restaurant

Talk to any self-respecting dumpling snob about xiao long bao, and you’ll inevitably land on the subject of Din Tai Fung. The Taiwan-founded chain has maintained a sterling reputation while spreading the soup-dumpling gospel from Indonesia to Los Angeles, even earning a Michelin star at two Hong Kong locations along the way. You can’t blame first-time restaurateur Sean Tang, then, for taking advantage of family connections to poach a veteran chef from the chain to run Pinch Chinese, a new restaurant opening in Soho tonight.

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Restaurant workers accused of spitting in cops

"Restaurant workers accused of spitting in cops’ food The officers of Florida’s Jacksonville Police Department may find a burger joint’s food mouthwatering — but in the wrong way.
Police Chief Patrick Dooley sent an internal warning letter to his department Monday after he was notified by the owner of a local restaurant called Cruisers Grill of an alleged disturbing practice by employees targeting police.
“It has come to my attention that the owner of Cruisers has given indications that his employees in the past or will in the future spit saliva in the food of law enforcement,” read the letter, obtained by Action News Jax, with the subject line “Health Safety Information.”۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔"

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Central Restaurants, Businesses Can Recycle Food Scraps

If you think about how much food goes to waste at restaurants, grocery stores and college dining halls it's really astonishing. But now many of those groups are starting to take a smarter approach to food waste -- by recycling it.
OCRRA processed more than 6,400 tons of food scraps from local businesses in 2016. It's brought to the Amboy Compost Site and that food waste is broken down to make certified compost which you can use in your garden.
Local stores, restaurants, and other businesses are encouraged to collect their food waste separately and talk to their Onondaga County hauler to find out about pick up.
The expired food, scraps, and sometimes unused materials are sorted and then processed with yard waste to make certified compost which can be used for replanting.
"A couple years ago, we expanded the site, and that expanded our capabilities as far as how much we can take in here. And, we're doing a lot more. And, actually last year, we did over 6,000 tons of incoming food waste that would have been thrown out. And, we recycled it so it's pretty awesome,” said OCRRA Recycling Operations Manager Ann Fordock.
OCRRA officials say it's a process that's continuing to gain in popularity.

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restaurant Vandal brings street art inside

Vandal, one of ’s hottest new restaurants (but not one of the best), commissioned eight local artists to design its space—and it’s stunning.
The massive space occupied by the restaurant, located on Bowery, features artwork from different street artists, meant to reference the area’s history.
Large-scale art pieces from different mediums and techniques decorate the walls. Artist VHILS created portraits made by chiseling and carving plaster. Tristan Eaton, best known for his massive murals, painted a colorful piece spanning the length of an entire wall. Hush, the artist who oversaw and curated the entire wallscape, brings ""urban abstract pop"" art to the restaurant."

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Restaurants to Try This Weekend: Old and Dips Galore

Welcome to your Weekend Planner, where Eater editors offer restaurants, cafes, and bars to try this weekend. They might be new and hot, or they might be old standbys. As always, please let us know if you’d like to see something specific.
A meal that’s just a series of vegetarian dips: Just uphill from the Lorimer stop on the L, Samesa is a four-month-old hole in the wall that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch with a Middle Eastern flair. Sure, there are dishes featuring chicken and lamb, as well as salads and sandwiches galore, but the best thing we’ve tried so far are the bread dips, served with two kinds of pita, one of which is puffy and pumpernickel. For 20 bucks, you get pitas and all six (sometimes seven) bread dips: roasted beet, carrot romesco, avocado hummus, white bean, lentil pistachio, and labneh. Beer available. 495 Lorimer St, Williamsburg — Robert Sietsema

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